Our School


Principal: Mr Rodney Little      AP: Mrs Kerrin Henderson

Phone: 02 6947-2000              Fax: 02 6947-3771

 Office email address: office.mcauley@cg.catholic.edu.au                   


McAuley Catholic Central School is a K-10 school where we provide educational opportunities for students across the compulsory years of education within a safe and caring learning environment.Our School is committed to Christian values and excellence in education and has a rich and warm tradition that focuses on student centred learning. McAuley Catholic Central School is a welcoming School community that has as its mission the total development of the whole person, so the individuality of each child is valued and nurtured. We pride ourselves on helping our students reach their full potential.

Throughout their years at McAuley we work towards helping students

  • integrate life experience with their faith
  • achieve their personal best
  • make a valuable contribution to the wider community, and
  • become confident, optimistic young people.

You can be assured that we at McAuley Catholic Central School will do our best to ensure that your child’s needs are well catered for in a safe, caring, exceptional educational environment.  If you are interested in your child attending McAuley and would like further information and start the enrolment process, please contact our office on 69472000.  An Enrolment Form will be forwarded to you (or get one from the 'enrolment tab'). You will then be invited for an interview.