Our motto is Believe, Strive and Achieve. In accepting a placement at McAuley School, the students undertake the responsibility of aiming to fulfil their potential, by giving of their best in everything they do.


McAuley Catholic Central School recognises and values the development of the whole person.

Our school provides quality education and pastoral practices that promote Christian values. 


 Flowing Together Through Faith and Learning!
People familiar with Tumut will understand the significance of water to this region – the beautiful flowing river, the life-giving source of nourishment and life. The symbol of the river is a sign of God’s faithful love flowing in and through one another.  The flowing river symbolises the life-long journey we are all on, and this journey is always filled with hope and forward thinking.


 A student leaving McAuley Catholic Central School at the end of Year 10 should have the knowledge, skills, understandings, values and attitudes necessary to experience life-long relationships with God, others and the world around them.

We work towards children leaving McAuley Catholic Central School with the following qualities:

 Being able to integrate their faith with life experience by:


Achieving their personal best by:


The ability to make a valuable contribution to the wider community by:


Being confident, optimistic and proud of their individuality by: