Meet Our Teachers

Message from our Principal

Welcome to McAuley Catholic Central School (MCCS).

We are a proudly Catholic School operating as part of the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn.  McAuley has a rich history of educating boys and girls from the Tumut area since the Mercy Sisters established the school as St Brigid’s Girls School in 1882.  The Mercy Values handed down from Catherine McAuley and the nuns that followed are at the core of our ethos and promoted visibly as the cornerstones of our school culture.

As a K-10 school we offer a point of difference from other local schools.  We work in partnership with parents to mould the academic, social and spiritual growth of young people for 11 years.  This is a large portion of a student and family’s life.  This brings with it a long and proud tradition and a strong sense of belonging and school pride.  Our staff undertake this journey with care and with love.  Each student is unique and brings with them their own skills, talents and needs.  We work to communicate openly with parents and carers to create citizens who are willing and able to contribute positively to the life of the school and the local community.

Our School Motto “Believe, Strive, Achieve” gives us strong words on which to base our learning goals and interactions with one another.  These foundational words assist in enhancing a robust and positive school culture where hospitality and care for one another is paramount.  We aim (as Catherine McAuley also did) to build a community that “…renews, invigorates and warms others…”

I welcome your enquiries and look forward to sharing our school and classrooms with you.

Eamonn Moore

School Principal

Our School Staff


Mr Eamonn Moore

Assistant Principal

Mrs Kerrin Henderson

Religious Education Coordinator

Ms Anita Mason

Parish Priest

Assistant Priest

Fr George Ogah

Fr Namora Anderson

Primary Staff


Mrs Jo Barton

Year 1B

Mrs Liz Boxall 

Ms Brie Groves

Year 2C

Mrs Stacey Crane

Year 3/4B

Mrs Libby Black

Year 3/4MG

Ms Janeanne Moss

Ms Brie Groves

Year 3/4C

Miss Jennifer Cutcliffe

Year 5B

Mrs Lyn Bathgate

Year 5/6H

Mrs Melissa Hotham

Year 6T

Mrs Megan Turnbull

Classroom Support Assistants

Mrs Maree Hughes

Ms Nakia Morriss

Mrs Jaime Hood

Miss Anna Stubbs

Teacher Librarian

Ms Kirsty Roche

Special Needs Teacher K-10

Ms Wendy Hill

Secondary Staff

Year 7-1

Ms Sharon Wyse

Year 7-2

Ms Kirsty Roche

Year 8-1

Mrs Jeanette Dumbrell

Year 8-2

Ms Julie Greacen

Year 9-1

Mr David Turnbull

Year 9-2

Mr Michael Hughes

Year 10-1

Mrs Belinda Schirmer

Year 10-2

Mrs Maree Stewart

Secondary Teachers

Mrs Fran Clarke

Mr Cameron Ellison

Miss Anita Mason

Mrs Kerry Croft

Mrs Heidi Stubbs

Ms Julie Piper

Primary Secretary (Mon – Wednesday)

Primary Secretary (Thursday, Friday)

Mrs Libby McGruer

Ms Patricia Marsh

Secondary Secretary - Finance and Administration (Mon – Fri)

Mrs Tricia Taylor

Canteen Manager (Mon, Wed, Fri)

Ms Kellie Deudney


Mr Joseph Fava