Meet Our Teachers

Message from our Principal

Our school is guided by our motto, ‘Believe, Strive and Achieve’. In accepting placement at McAuley Catholic Central School, the students undertake the responsibility of aiming to fulfil their potential by giving their best in everything they do with the assistance and support from our wonderful teachers.

A student leaving McAuley Catholic Central School at the end of Year 10 is equipped with the knowledge, skills, understandings and values necessary to experience life-long relationships with God, each other and the world around them.

Whilst being a relatively small school, the opportunities provided by McAuley are quite extensive due to the different methods of delivery and the creativity of our staff. In line with our Quality Teaching Framework focus, all staff are integrating and updating ICT as a regular strategy across many of the curriculum areas.

People familiar with Tumut will understand the significance of water to this region – the beautiful flowing river, the life-giving source of nourishment and life. The symbol of the river is a sign of God’s faithful love flowing in and through one another. It is symbolic of the life-long journey we are all on – a journey that is always filled with hope and a forward thinking mindset.  

We welcome enrolments from families genuinely interested in the education and values taught from the perspective of the Catholic Tradition. I look forward to welcoming you personally to our School.

Mr Rodney Little

Our School Staff


Mr Rodney Little

Assistant Principal

Mrs Kerrin Henderson

Religious Education Coordinator

Ms Anita Mason

Parish Priest

Assistant Priest

Fr George Ogah

Fr Namora Anderson

Primary Staff


Mrs Jo Barton

Year 1B

Mrs Liz Boxall 

Megan Turnbull

Year 2M

Mrs Stacey Crane

Year 3/4B

Mrs Libby Black

Year 3/4G

Ms Janeanne Gray

Year 3/4V

Mrs Elly Vanags (Coordinator)

Ms Brie Groves

Year 5/6C

Miss Claire Cole

Year 5/6HB

Mrs Melissa Hotham

Mrs Lyn Bathgate

Classroom Support Assistants

Mrs Maree Hughes

Ms Nakia Morriss

Mrs Jaime Hood

Miss Anna Stubbs

Teacher Librarian

Ms Kirsty Roche

Special Needs Teacher K-10

Ms Wendy Hill

Secondary Staff

Year 7-1

Mrs Jeanette Dumbrell

Year 7-2

Ms Julie Piper

Year 8-1

Mr David Turnbull

Year 8-2

Mr Michael Hughes

Year 9-1

Mr Cameron Ellison

Year 9-2

Mrs Maree Stewart

Year 10-1

Ms Kirsty Roche

Year 10-2

Mrs Kerry Croft

Secondary Teachers

Mrs Fran Clarke

Mrs Julie Greacen

Mrs Heidi Stubbs

Miss Sharon Wyse

Primary Secretary (Mon – Wednesday)

Primary Secretary (Thursday, Friday)

Mrs Libby McGruer

Ms Patricia Marsh

Secondary Secretary - Finance and Administration (Mon – Fri)

Mrs Trish Taylor

Secretary (Monday, Tuesday)

Mrs Jo Little

Canteen Manager (Mon, Wed, Fri)

Ms Kellie Deudney


Mr Joseph Fava

Mr Jason Beavan