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November 19 Newsletter

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Swim School Program K - 6

13th November 2020 

Just a quick reminder that McAuley’s Swim School begins on Monday for those students who returned their notes.  

  • Please send your child to school with their swimmers underneath their school uniform. Don’t forget hats and sunscreen and dry underwear to change into when they return to school.  
  • Your child will need to bring a towel and a pair of thongs or slip on shoes to wear to the pool. Please send these in a separate bag.  
  • Children may wear goggles but please be aware the school or Snowy Valley Council will not be responsible for their loss.  
  • All children MUST wear a rashie (or T-Shirt) while participating in this program.  
  • You may wish to pack a little extra food for your child as swimming always seems to make children extra hungry.  
  • Please ensure you label all belongings.  

 Yours Sincerely  

 Lyn Bathgate 

K-6 Sports Coordinator 

Tumut Basketball Association - Trials

Community Announcement - Tumut Basketball Association will be holding trials/expressions of interest for Tumut Timberwolves Representative Basketball this Saturday, 7th November at the Tumut Basketball stadium.

Times will be U12’s and U14’s 1.30pm – 3pm and the U16’s and U18’s will be 3pm – 4.30pm.

Under 12’s players born in 2010/11

Under 14’s players born in 2008/09

Under 16’s players born in 2006/07

Under 18’s players born in 2004/05

Players please bring a ball and drink bottle. COVID 19 rules will apply.

A carnival is being held on 5th and 6th December. Any enquires please contact the Tumut Basketball Representative Coordinator Jason Beavan on 0418 430 905.

November 5 Newsletter

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October 22 Newsletter

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September 10 Newsletter

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All students MUST bring enough water/bottles to school for their own use. ALL water must be boiled as advised by the Snowy Valleys Shire.

August 27 Newsletter

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August 13 Newsletter

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