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Term 3 Fee Assistance

Information for parents regarding payment of Term 3 fees

Catholic Education is committed to continuing financial assistance into Term 3 to support families who have been financially impacted as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The position of Catholic Education is that no child will be denied a Catholic education because of financial circumstances.

Where your family is experiencing financial stress due to job loss, being stood down, reduction in work hours, business downturn or closure resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, full or partial fee relief are available for Term 3 only. To apply for fee relief, you are asked to indicate the level of assistance you need at this time by completing a one-page fee assistance form (COVID-19 Fee Assistance Request Form) attached.  Your level of fee support will be confirmed as soon as possible. 

Families whose employment situation has not been affected by COVID-19 can support the school by continuing to pay school fees as they fall due. This will support our school to continue providing quality learning in a connected community that nurtures and cares for each other

Your family is an important part of our school community. Your financial circumstances will not compromise the place of your children at our school. If you are experiencing any difficulties, I will confidentially ensure your child is not disadvantaged.


Secondary Parent Teacher Interview Reminder

Bookings close at 5pm Sunday. Due to COVID guidelines, we are required to comply with the following:

● Bookings for interviews will conclude at 6pm.

● We ask that parents arrive on time and leave after the interviews are completed.

● All parents are to sign in using the Visit Safe App (QR Code).

● All Parent Teacher Interviews need to be booked prior to Tuesday night. We are unable to accept unscheduled bookings/visitors due to restrictions on numbers.

● Where possible, only one parent for the interviews. There will be no supervision for children.

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Dear Parents

As you are aware McAuley CCS has numerous online reading options for our students to complement already supplied physical books.

The MCCS Library has a Google Classroom page, which Ms Roche has posted the specific details of how to log into SORA, MyOn and other platforms. The Classroom code is wytnb4d

We are delighted to let you know about an educational resource that is now also available to your child at home as part of our school subscription – Story Box Library.

Your child can watch favourite stories, read aloud by fabulous storytellers, at home as well as in the classroom. Reading aloud to children, in particular by diverse and engaging storytellers, greatly improves language and literacy skills, especially in the early years of a child’s development.

To access Story Box Library at home:

1) Visit

2) Choose Log In from the top right corner of the screen

3) Log in using the username and password provided below

4) Enjoy the library of stories on any device with internet connection

USERNAME: mcauley_library

PASSWORD: library2020

Please note the following features:

  • Story Box Library regularly adds new stories, so is an ever-growing library
  • Includes a range of short films to inspired by our stories, creators and storytellers
  • Captions can be turned on or off for each story
  • Story Box Library is a safe online space free from advertising


Ms Roche - Teacher Librarian